Sigma Marine Technology Co., Ltd is a large, rapidly developing fishing enterprise in the Russian Far East. The company fishes only in ecological fishing grounds — Okhotsk and Bering seas.

During many years of company’s existence, it has enlarged its primary narrow long-line fishing up to two sectors — long-line fishing and  trawling .

At the end of year 2012, Sigma Marine Technology Co., Ltd has purchased a number of companies with 2 up-to-datelarge-capacity trawlers. And today the company’s fleet consists of 25 fishing vessels — 5 trawlers, 8 long-liners and 12 crabbers.

The main products are Alaska Pollock, Pacific Herring,Pacific Mackerel, Pacific Sardine Iwashi,  Atka Mackerel, Pacific Cod, Greenland and Pacific Halibut, Squid.

In 2014 the company launched new kinds of products:

  • Alaska Pollock fillet skinless PBO and Alaska Pollock Mince 
    (manufacturer: Large refrigerator trawler — F/V «Vasilyevskiy ostrov»).
  • Pacific Herring Fillet Flaps 
    (manufacturers: Large refrigerator trawlers — F/V «Vasilyevskiy ostrov»
    and F/V «Admiral Kolchak»).

In December 2016 company purchased a surer - trawler MRKT "Petr I". The large - capacity vessel is to catch Pacific Mackerel, Pacific Sardine Iwashi, Pacific Herring. Super - trawlers estimated daily output - 400- 450 tons of finished products. 

The whole assortment of company’s products has found well-deserved market acceptance both in the foreign market and domestic market, by virtue of up-to-date processing equipment, supervisory quality control system and highly skilled staff.

Today the company’s volume of fish production make it possible to maintain massive supply of stable high-quality products to fish-processing factories the whole year round.

In 2017, the company modernized and refitted the trawler MRKT "Petr I". The vessel began fishing for Mackerel, Sardine Iwashi and Herring. The daily output of the super-trawler is 400-450 tons of finished products.

In 2018 company started to produce Red Fish Meal of high protein from the Sardine Iwashi and Pacific Mackerel wastes.

Moreover, MRKT «Petr I» launched production of Fish oil from Sardine Iwashi and Pacific Mackerel. Fish oil pours into intermediate bulk containers, convenient for storage and transportation.

The company annually expands the assortment of products from 2 to 5 new items and the products are in demand both in Russian and international markets.

News and Event

We take part in Salmon fishing season of 2016.

From 15 June Sigma Marine Technology Co., Ltd proceeds to Squid and Atka Mackerel fishery

Sigma Marine Technology starts fishing for Pacific Mackerel from July 2016.